NIGHT DRIVE OST - Man Outside Edition

  • NIGHT DRIVE OST - Man Outside Edition

A Short Film by Forever Midnight
Original Soundtrack by Josh Staples

Numbered Edition of 50 Copies
7" Six Track EP on Black Vinyl
Screen Printed Overbag in 'Headlights White'
VHS Postcard
35mm Promo Slide
'Grindhouse Cut' Access Card

Numbered Edition of 50 Copies
7" Six-Track EP on Black Vinyl
Screen Printed Overbag in 'Taillights Red'
VHS Postcard
Forever Midnight Tattoo
'Grindhouse Cut' Access Card


We have teamed up with our friends at Forever Midnight to unleash the music from their 2020 horror short Night Drive - a creepy, funny trip into backwoods wrongdoings, based on a true story!

Haunted Screen is thrilled to bring you the Night Drive soundtrack as a deluxe six track vinyl EP packaged in a variety of limited editions - each with different track ordering, design concept and extras.

The MAN OUTSIDE EDITION comes in two flavours - with either a white or red screen printed overbag housing a heavyweight card sleeve each with extras. In addition, there is an access code to view a vintage style ‘Grindhouse Cut’ of the short film, created especially by Haunted Screen for this release.

The Forever Midnight horror podcast has built a reputation for irreverent and hilarious takes on the genre since they first sat in front of hot mics in 2013, with the show featuring a who's who guest roster of horror cinema's baddest and bloodiest icons. Based at the Scary Movie Research Centre in Santa Rosa, California, they also design unique horror collectables and merch. Launching as a record label with the score from Mark Borchardt's short Coven in 2016 (as seen in the cult documentary American Movie), they have also released the soundtracks to the films Terrifier and the classic 80s slasher spoof Student Bodies.

Talented musicians and artists in their own right, it wasn't long before the trio realised they had to 'put their no-budget where their mouths are' and make their own short - producing a soundtrack with no less than four original songs and a full Texas Chainsaw Massacre-infused cello score! Composed by Josh Staples (The New Trust, The Velvet Teen), the music in Night Drive runs the gamut from hilarious Alt Country parody to radio friendly Punk Pop and the insta-classic Synthpop earworm 'Ophelia'. Rounding out this bulging six track EP is a retro drive-in radio spot created especially for this release.

Radio Spot
Call Me Old Fashioned
I Need You To Love Me
Night Drive Score

Poppy Chimes

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