The Flypaper Spectacular
2022, USA 9mins
Original Broadcast Transmission
Music and sound by Wolfmen of Mars

To celebrate the imminent release of this mysterious, psychedelic short film, Haunted Screen is releasing the spooky soundtrack as a numbered edition of 75x 10" records in unique '2D Animation' themed layered packaging, with 3 different designs featuring artwork by Luke Liberty representing scenes from the film. Each order will be randomly assigned a version and include:

- 10" clear single-sided hand cut record, with vinyl sticker details
- Insert featuring background art from the film
- Heavy duty screen printed PVC outer sleeve in three colour variations
- 10”x10” art print
- Promo poster print, one of two designs adapted to Anaglyph 3D
- Film promo postcard, in anaglyph 3D
- Pair of 3D glasses (also for use with other Haunted Screen projects!)
- Download of The Flypaper Spectacular soundtrack plus 30min bonus track, The Spectral Sounds of Space
- Exclusive preview link to watch the animated short film


A Halloween special for the late night, psychedelic horror crowd in the spirit of HEAVY METAL and FIRE & ICE.

Directed by Luke Liberty THE FLYPAPER SPECTACULAR was conceived as a “lost animated television special” seen through the lens of a late night home recording. Evoking cult 90s MTV animation strand Liquid Television (Aeon Flux, Invisible Hands, Dog Boy etc), the short is currently playing festivals and is scheduled for upcoming online release - this vinyl edition of the score comes with an exclusive preview link.

Composed by Wolfmen of Mars (L. Liberty, J. Clapp), the soundtrack for THE FLYPAPER SPECTACULAR aims to convey the experience of an auditory hallucination. Theremin, synth, slide guitar, howling wind and glitching drum machine are all ingredients that went into building the soundscape. Part static-burst broadcast transmission from the end of the dial, part creepy-psychotronic sound effects record, it’s a killer addition to your all-year-round Halloween playlist!

Also included as a free digital download is THE SPECTRAL SOUNDS OF SPACE, which directly inspired the sound of THE FLYPAPER SPECTACULAR. Almost 30 minutes of ambient, otherworldly sounds to drift off or space out to. Originally released in 2020 for a 3 month span, it has returned to accompany it’s counterpart exclusively for this release.

The rock collective Wolfmen of Mars is known for their combination of electronic analog sounds and heavy grooves. They describe themselves as “a soundtrack for late night driving or space travel". The group, from Boston MA, was founded by Luke Liberty in 2009 and released their debut album the following year. They have since composed scores for the films Satanic Panic and Boogeyman Pop, as well as releasing numerous acclaimed albums.

Art by Luke Liberty
Package design/anaglyph conversion by Haunted Screen
Vinyl cut by Lathe to the Grave
Screen printing by Do Make Say Ink

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